Glow with the Deep Cleansing Powder

Skincare inspired by centuries-old beauty rituals to powerfully restore, support and amplify your skin’s natural radiance.

Deep Cleansing Powder

Inspired by age-old beauty practices of Somali women, ancient African Qasil forms the foundation of our Deep Cleansing Powder for balanced, glowing skin.

plant-based formulas • cruelty-free • sustainable packaging 

Meet Zeila

Who We Are

Zeila is essential skincare for elevated beauty. A modern adaptation of time-honored botanicals refined and sourced from the world’s most ancient beauty rituals, our minimal skincare line brings a ‘less is more’ sensibility to your everyday beauty regime.

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Our Practices

From our plant-based ingredients to our small footprint production, right through to our sustainable packaging. We believe true self-care starts with you and ends with the good of us all.

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