Meet Zeila

Grounded in a philosophy of mindful beauty with centuries-old beauty rituals as our muse, our simplified skincare solutions work to powerfully restore, support and amplify your skin’s natural radiance.

We ensure every element of our proven plant-based formulas is anchored in consciousness to support the wellbeing of your skin, our earth and this unique moment in time.

From our clean ingredients to our small footprint production, right through to our sustainable packaging. We believe true self-care starts with you and ends with the good of us all.

Ingredients & Sustainability
Our Practices

We work with qualified cosmetic chemists to create formulations using only the finest plant-based ingredients, that harness the benefits of nature for truly effective, safe for all skincare. 

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and we make an effort to work with family or female-run collectives in local communities. 

We only select packaging we can feel good about. We use recyclable post-consumer waste boxes, biodegradable vegetable-based ink, and only work with FSC-certified vendors.

Our Founder

The inspiration to start Zeila came from my African roots, where self-care and beauty rituals have been practiced for centuries. Minimal high-quality ingredients are used to create safe, effective, and luxurious treatments.

When I couldn’t find products that shared the same principles, I decided to create my own. Accessible, natural, and sustainable skincare products that actually work. I'm so excited to share Zeila with you and I hope you enjoy a moment for yourself when using the products.

- Farah Hussein