Ancient African Beauty Rituals: Chad + Somalia + Morocco

1. Chebe Powder

For your hair, try Chebe Powder. It’s been used by women in Chad for centuries who are known for their long, strong healthy hair. The powder is a blend of nutrient-rich seeds, resin, and spices and it will leave your hair feeling super soft and nourished.


Purely Chebe Powder by Awomi Naturals
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2. Qasil 

For your face, try Qasil Leaf Powder. This multi-purpose powder has been the beauty secret of Somali women for centuries. It’s rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and can be used as a cleanser or face mask for soft, glowing skin.

3. Beldi Soap

For your body, try Moroccan Beldi Black soap. It’s a traditional Amazigh cleansing and softening treatment and is used in Moroccan Hammams. The soap gently cleanses skin and leaves it smooth and silky. Pair it with the traditional Kessa mitt for extra exfoliation! 

Moroccan Black Soap by Zakia's Morocco